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Monday, October 19, 2015. My Birthday. A day I have chosen to celebrate as a National Holiday since I was 24 by absenting myself from whoever was my employer on that day. Which is fitting, since today is the day I have chosen to breathe life back into this ancient blog of yesterminute. I don’t know what it is that is inspiring me to once again take note of my surroundings. Perhaps it is the fact that I don’t find my surroundings near so tiresome and concrete as when I left.

Today, everything is “transitory.” In any case I’m back at you since life is more interesting these days.

SMART is focused on branding development for the imminent introduction of Time Travel. That in itself is such a massive business challenge that my strategy work with clients is now restricted to c-level consultancy chats.

My recent book, “Creativity At Work: Organizational Creativity As A Tool For Strategic Growth,” is about the business practice that made Apple the largest company on the planet. I learned about organizational creativity from my work with Steve Jobs at Next. Another two books are in the works. “8 Triggers To Sell Anything” is a roundup of what I learned as a result of selling more than One Trillion Dollars in goods and services worldwide during my time on Madison Avenue. It will be my first eBook to be distributed through our new affiliate network, SMART WorldWorks. It will be followed by the result of my work among the Millennials. The title says it all. “Self Enthusiasm.” Big book, kids.So there we are up to date. ---Harry Webber